Teeth Whitening in Rego Park, NY

If you are longing for a brighter and whiter smile, we can help. Here at Elite Dental we offer professional teeth whitening treatments that can brighten your teeth by several shades depending on the type and severity of the staining.

The whitening process, with our custom, take-home, bleaching trays is quick, easy and comfortable. You simply come by for a quick visit so we can take an impression of your teeth, we make the trays in office, you can pick them up the very next day. We will walk you through the simple process of using your custom whitening trays. All your bleaching can happen from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

Stains Can Be Removed With Teeth Whitening Treatment

Foods and activities that cause our teeth to stain are varied. It is common knowledge that smoking and coffee drinking can yellow your teeth but did you know that red wine, tea, dark soda, balsamic vinegar, berries and even some sweets can stain your teeth as well? It is a good rule of thumb that if a food will stain your clothes or change the color of your tongue, it is also having an effect on the color of your teeth. Other lesser known causes for yellowing or discoloration can include age, genetics and even antibiotics. As you can see yellowing happens to all of us. No need to be embarrassed. With our professional teeth whitening system you can keep your smile bright without having to give up the things you love.

Protect Your Teeth and Gums with Professional Teeth Whitening

Because teeth whitening can sometimes cause temporary tooth sensitivity or irritation of the gums it is best to have a skilled dentist as your partner through the process. Professional teeth whitening products that contain stronger bleaching agents offer far more dramatic whitening results and the custom fitted trays fitted to the unique contours of your teeth lesson the possibility of any gum irritation. If you do experience any sensitivity or irritation, we are here to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction. Feel free to call us anytime 718-897-9745.

Smile restoration services include dental implants to replace teeth that were lost to gum disease, as well as dental bridges and crowns to restore a tooth’s function.

For an dental exam that feels like a treat for your teeth, call Elite Dental Rego Park, NY dentist office at 718-897-9745 to schedule your next six-month dental checkup.

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